things i love thursday v.3

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why did i put MTV there i don’t watch MTV

to warm myself back up to the whole bloggin’ thing, i’m gonna stick with an old classic. or what was meant to be a “””classic””” if i had done it more than twice. but things are different now probably! and i will definitely maybe stick with some of the ideas i had for whiskeylime last time.

anyway, things i love thursday! it’s stuff i saw that i want you to see too.

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another hardly-deserved, unintentional hiatus

apparently it’s been 9 months since i last posted on here. wouldn’t it be cool if i told y’all i just had a baby? that would have been…productive. no babies here. not much of a change at all, which i will get into in a second. isn’t it weird how when you get older time moves faster? i guess it’s just like they always say…”time flies when you’re aging and you can do absolutely nothing to stop it.”

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home bar essentials pt. 2: LIQUOR


you know what happens sometimes when you start a two-part blog post and then wait almost a month to update it? you sort of forget where you were going with it. ANYWAY, in my last post, i covered some basics on getting started on your home bar as far as equipment, glasses, all the boring stuff goes. all that should be left at this point is stocking said bar. it can be pretty daunting walking into a liquor store and trying to figure out what exactly it is you need for maximum cocktail crafting, but the best thing to do is keep it simple…

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well this is embarrassing pt.2, or, welcome back to me, internet

wooops. there goes summer. definitely meant to do some sort of blogging during the past 4 months. the goods news is, the reason i didn’t blog much is because i had a very busy and fun summer! and because i have such weirdly high expectations for myself regarding this blog, i didn’t want to post until i had something very cute and neat and tidy i could present on here. i wanted to post an apartment tour, but wanted to wait until everything was exactly how i wanted it to look and basically- we’re not there yet. i will say i’m very happy with our apartment and love living here! but the tour will have to hold off.

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well this is embarrassing

i hate to make yet another “i’m alive!” post but… i’m alive, i swear. i’m looking forward to being more active on this blog again because a lot is gonna be changing in my immediate future.

i quit my job at the bookstore (which had turned into a job at the cafe) and i was a little sad. i really enjoyed working with my coworkers, but i can’t lie– my weekly paycheck was hella disappointing. spending an hour commute each way for a minimum wage barista job was really starting to get to me, as i think it would any recent college graduate struggling to find a job in their field.

i’m not really sure how to segue into the next major life update, so i’ll let roo take it…

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as you all probably know, this sunday is one of the most highly anticipated sundays of the year. a day where people organize parties or meet at bars to fill up on pub snacks and beer and root for teams that have spent a long time preparing for this one game. and it is my favorite sunday of the year, because it is PUPPY BOWL!!!

11 puppy bowls ago, animal planet came up with the brilliant idea of having puppies from rescue shelters across the country “compete” in a televised football game, competing with the human super bowl’s time slot. i’m a big advocate of adopting (vs. buying) pets whenever possible, so on a more personal note, i’m glad that animal planet chooses this production for putting the focus on rescue shelters and all the sweet animals in them waiting for homes.

now, i am a very mature adult, and being a very mature adult, i enjoy finding drinking games to play with my friends for just about any occasion. puppy bowl is no exception, so without further ado… your drinking guide to this year’s puppy bowl XI.

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sorry, again, for promising to be active and then going brain-dead for 3 weeks!! i can’t even use work as an excuse, because i’ve barely been making part-time hours… so instead i’m gonna blame chicago weather. man it’s hard to be productive when it’s cold and yucky outside. i need summer right about… 2 weeks ago.

ANYWAY, i do have something to tell y’all about. for christmas, my parents sent me one of the things i pretty much exclusively associate with christmas… a raclette!


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happy new year everyone!! this is truly my favorite time of year (besides all of summer). i love christmas, i love halloween, but none of them feel as exciting as new year’s eve does. new beginnings and all that, right? usually i make resolutions somewhere mentally, maybe on twitter, while i’m all caught up in the moment and then i’l forget about them a week later- i think that’s a pretty common situation. but i’m gonna let y’all in on my hopes and promises and all that sappy stuff for 2015 and i think i’ll probably be able to stick to these. mostly because my mom reads this blog and she won’t let me forget all these positive change-y type things i’m supposed to do.

but first some pics from last night:

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i’m back! hopefully for good! my schedule’s calmed down a bit for this week so i’m going to try and get some planning and scheduling done in regards to this blog, and hopefully get posts out more regularly. i’m also attempting to do laundry, donate old clothes, deep clean the entire apartment, finally go grocery shopping, go to the gym… it’s really drilled home that time management is not a strength of mine.

a tee shirt that i need, apparently
a tee shirt that i need, apparently
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